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Images - Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys - Aluminum Shots
RSA cast aluminum media is gentle enough to protect delicate gasket surfaces and critical date coding information; yet aggressive enough to de-flash and de-burr light metal castings and clean rust, scale or corrosion from remanufactured parts.RSA-319 alloy cast aluminum media is our most popular; combining an ideal blend of hardness and durability. With an average cycle life of 8000 cycles* it outlasts stainless steel by almost two times and glass bead or plastic media by as much as 1000 times.
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Transmet Corporation
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General Information
Applications include finishing castings, profiling for coating & lubrication adhesion, blast cleaning parts during remanufacture, refractory mold release removal from dies, and more.

Product Description


Produces rapidly solidified aluminum flakes, zinc flakes & metal flakes in a wide variety of shapes. (square, rectangular, flat fiber).

  •   All dimensions are average sizes
  •  Special packaging available
  •  Special shapes, alloys or metals available upon request, including brass & copper.

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